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Cake toppers

Bride & groom toppers

Bride & groom from £40 each


Groom toppers from £40 each

Corporate toppers

Toppers from £40 each

Bride & Groom toppers on gold wedding cake

Bride & groom toppers from £40 each

Bride & groom in blue suit toppers

Bride & groom toppers from £40 each

Brunette bride & groom

Bride & groom from £40 each

Lego cake toppers

Lego toppers from £40 each

Types of topper

We do all sorts of cake toppers to amaze and delight your guests. We can create people or animals and if you’d like them to have a specific outfit, hairstyle, flowers and/or jewellery then we’ll be happy to oblige.

They can be posted!

Better still, we can post your toppers to you so you can order them internationally if you wish! All your toppers will need is time to dry so they can be transported safely.


Dietary requirements

The toppers we make are gluten-free and vegan. 

How they look on a large cake

To see some examples of how toppers look in proportion when they’re on a cake, please click on the Wedding cakes page.

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