Dietary requirements and vegan cakes

Just specify what you need and we’ll take care of the rest!


There’s not much to write about. Why? Well, that’s because everything we make is gluten-free. Yes, EVERYTHING! Might have something to do with the fact that the company was founded by a coeliac. Now’s the time to start yee-haa-ing.


Since everything we make is gluten-free, we also make everything wheat-free, too.


No egg? No problem! You can enjoy any of our vegan cakes and either jam, frosting, buttercream or fondant icing. 


Get ready to be excited: we do all sorts of cakes and icing designs you can eat.  Choose from vanilla, chocolate, marble, coffee, vanilla chai tea, lemon and/or orange zest sponge cakes or treat yourself to the ultimate in decadence: a brandy-laden fruit cake. All of the aforementioned delicious luxuries come with either frosting or fondant icing and a dark chocolate ganache (made with coconut milk, not cream). Our jams and fondant cake toppers are also vegan.


Nearly all our products are dairy-free as the majority of our cakes are made with oil instead of butter. The only exceptions are buttercream, certain decorations and anything containing milk chocolate. But all is not lost!  We make a dairy-free alternative for everything.


Nuts, nuts, nuts. We go nuts just thinking about ’em. And if you can’t eat them you probably do, too. We have the highest standards and keep our nut products (like marzipan) as separate as possible. However, we can’t guarantee a nut-free environment.

If you have any questions then I'd love to hear from you!

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