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You may remember last week I went for Sunday lunch at a local restaurant and had a rather disconcerting experience. The staff weren’t exactly clued up on gluten. Click here if you missed it.

So I was rather relieved to receive a prompt reply from the establishment after I complained.

I’m very sorry that your experience of eating here was not as good as it should have been.

I’ve recently taken over (3 weeks ago) and am aware that certain issues need to be addressed, which I’m gradually trying to do! I’m grateful to you for highlighting this as being one of them. It is indeed very important that our staff understand potential allergens in food that we serve. Our old chef started a new job just before the weekend and we had a temporary chef in place. He was clearly not as well informed as he should have been. We have a new chef starting today and I know that he will be fully aware of these issues and I will discuss it with him.

I will also talk to all staff at our next meeting.

With my sincere apologies and assurance that we will address the issue. I don’t think I could have had a nicer letter. So there we are: it pays to complain!

Have you had a positive experience after making a food complaint? Do share below!

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