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If you’re wondering what sugarcraft actually entails, broadly speaking it’s anything made from entirely sugar (bar a few wires and pieces of tape) made to look like something else. That something else could be a flower or a painting. It could even be pebbles on a beach. (And just to be clear, the sand, sea and rocks will be made out of sugar, too.)

If you’re wondering what sugarcraft looks like, you’ve probably seen some already. Think back to birthday cakes with figures on top. If they were made from fondant then they’re a form of sugarcraft.

Of course, there’s sugarcraft and then there’s the British Sugarcraft Guild. Think of the WI and you’ve got the right gender and age range. Now prepared to be blown away by what they produce.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of going to an event held by the South-West Division in Taunton and below are just a few pics from the event.

sugarcraft 1 Everything in this display is made from sugar, apart from the cloth.

I know. Your mouth is probably hanging open right now. There are some very, very talented people out there! And for any doubters, here’s a closer look…

Just in case you need more convincing, here's a close-up of the sugar cornucopia. Just in case you need more convincing, here’s a close-up of the sugar cornucopia.

If you’re a sugarcraft pro then you’ll know which pieces are straightforward and which aren’t. The dahlia is the nemesis of most sugarcrafters and yet………yep, someone’s mastered it below!

An unbelievable display of dahlias, roses and other lovely garden beauties....all done in sugar. An unbelievable display of dahlias, roses and other lovely garden beauties….all done in sugar.

Sadly, because the guild is run by the aforementioned more mature person, their inclination towards social media is somewhat limited. I tried to convince a few members that they must have a nerdy grandchild who could set up a few things for them (Twitter, Pinterest and so forth) but they weren’t convinced. Although I was encouraged when I heard that other Guild areas in the UK have got Twitter accounts, it may be a while before it catches on south of Bristol.

So if you’re impressed by the pics and you’re thinking of taking up a new hobby, have a look at local groups near you. You might just be the person to start a Twitter sugar revolution.

Do you want to join a sugarcraft group? Have you dabbled in a spot of sugarcraft? Do tell below!

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