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I realised earlier today I’d suddenly started eating really badly.

You know, the sort of diet that’ll make you twice the size by the end of the month.

I’ll give you an example:

Breakfast: g-f crumpets with butter, honey & a banana Snack: a Caffe Nero g-f coconut pastry slice* Lunch: a cheese g-f toastie Snack: g-f chocolate muffin Dinner: g-f sausage casserole * It was either that or their chocolate brownie (no other g-f options).

I fully expect the 5 a day police to turn up at my door.

What happened? you ask. My rather lame defence is winter might have descended rather suddenly. It’s not exactly the weather for yogurt and a salad.

But that’s hogwash when it comes to fruit & veg. I could easily have soup and that would probably have all 5 servings in one hit.

So what am I playing at? This sort of diet’s bad at the best of times but a gluten-free version of all described probably loads on twice the fat & sugar.

I can only hope that the freezing cold weather necessitates lard in large quantities (you know, medicinal purposes and all that). Otherwise, you might have to widen the door frame next time you see me…

Have you been eating differently in the cold weather? Do share your experience below!

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