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Vegan cakes took me an absolute age to master.

I spent years trying out different recipes with disastrous results. First there were the vegetable cakes. Then there were vegan alternatives like egg replacers which either smelled bad or were nothing like their ‘normal’ counterparts.

And then, one day, my eureka moment came. It involved the combination of soya milk with organic cyder vinegar. This, I was promised, was the key to the delicious crumb, and boy was it good!

After trialling vegan cupcakes on the stalls I did at Bristol Harbourside, I decided I’d found a winning recipe and then set about finding other forms of vegan cake I could master.

The Local Bakehouse now offers 6 different flavours of vegan cake and all of them are delectable. I even get people telling me they prefer the vegan cakes over the ones with egg in (no doubt any vegan reading this will be punching the air!).

And if you’re wondering, no, I’m not precious about my findings; here’s a video of how to make it.

Happy baking!

Have you tried the recipe? Do tell below!

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