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How to have your (gluten-free) cake & eat it!

This post is all about being sneaky so if you're not a sneaky person, look away now.

No-one will guess you've stolen some cake!

It doesn't involve dieting but it does involve theft.

That's right: I said it. Theft. Daylight robbery. Half-inching. You name it, it's the same the world over: theft.

And it involves cake.

I've decided this sort of theft is okay if you have a medically restricted diet (like coeliac disease) and don't often get cake. You have to seize your moments, obviously, and if there's an opportunity to have a treat without anyone suspecting you've filched it, then sometimes needs must.

So how do you do it?

Well, first of all, you have to have an entire cake in front of you. Make sure no-one knows what the shape's meant to be like (this is important). In other words, don't get a shop-bought obvious cake that's familiar to you and your friends.

Then take a circle cutter (the type you get for making cookies) and calculate the exact centre of the cake.

Using a deft and firm motion, plunge the cutter into the cake, remove its centre et voila! Here's your piece of cake.

Then all you need to do is fill the centre with fresh berries and no-one will ever guess you didn't start off with a ring cake.

A ring cake with a centre you've stolen to eat!

Have you got any sneaky cake stories? Do share them below!

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