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The best gluten-free birthday ever - in Italy!

Updated: Apr 16

If you've seen me lately you may notice I'm a slightly darker shade. Not much, but enough to indicate I've been on holiday. Yep, that'd be last week in Italy. Tuscany, to be precise. Oh all right, Florence. And on my birthday I was in a coeliac's idea of Xmas - a totally gluten-free restaurant called Quinoa.

Unlike the name suggests, I wasn't eating pulses and plant-based food. I was actually scoffing a typical Italian meal, which began with freshly baked bread, which the lovely waiter boasted had come out of the oven a mere 45 minutes prior to my arrival. I added a dirty martini (natch) and grinned from ear to ear.

Choosing my main meal was an absolute nightmare, not because there wasn't anything I could have, but because I could eat anything I wanted and I wanted it all! I ended up plumping for risotto with truffles, which sounds as decadent as it was.

And if that doesn't make you instantly want to head over to Italy, check out what was on offer for dessert: a homemade cheesecake with fresh fruit and a chocolate torte with 85% cacao. (If you're wondering, there were 5 other delicious desserts on offer.)

You'll have to excuse my camera phone photos - we were eating late at night so the lighting wasn't as brilliant as I'd hoped!

I don't think I've ever felt totally at ease when I've eaten at a restaurant, but this place was different. It also helped that the waiter's English was pretty near perfect. He even knew what millet was! So to all the coeliacs who are wondering where to book their hols next year, I heartily recommend going to Florence, although possibly with a stretchy set of clothes.

Have you been abroad at a totally gluten-free restaurant? Do let me know below where it was and what it was like!

If you have any questions then I'd love to hear from you!

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