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A festive charity dip in Ilfracombe (brrr!)

My main concern around holidays often revolves around what I'll be fed (and I know I'm not the only coeliac doing this).

But not this year.

A Xmas day dip in Ilfracombe

Look at all those Santa hats!

Instead, I found myself preoccupied with swimwear.

To be exact, it was more about donning a swimsuit to dash into icy-cold waters (all in the name of charity).

It began when I was alerted to this page in the North Devon Gazette. The RNLI needed to raise money for a new lifeboat. And the organisers made it all sound so inviting. Open water swimming? Working up an appetite for a roast? Fancy dress welcome? Sign me up!

My family agreed. It wasn't long before ten of us had stripped off to our cossies and were about to take the plunge.

Coming out of the sea

Coo, that was refreshing!

I must say, I was rather surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. When I came out of the water I was positively glowing.

But it's amazing how hastily one beats a retreat back to a hot towel and a cuppa (as indicated in the video below):

Best of all, the amount raised came to over a thousand pounds, which isn't bad for a few crazy Christmas-infused locals going for a dip in the sea.

Happy new year, everyone! May 2020 bring great joy!

If you'd like to make a charity donation, read more about the event or simply shiver at the photos, please see more details here.

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