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How to make a red velvet smoothie

Cake on the brain? Me, too. But it's possible to incorporate cake flavours into healthy smoothies, especially if during lockdown you've started your own kitchen garden/vegetable patch/window box (delete whichever isn't physically possible).

The yummiest red velvet smoothie ever!

One of my favourites is most definitely a red velvet smoothie. This particular one began when I was able to take my children to their grandfather's allotment and pick some fresh beetroot.

That's right: beetroot.

Much fun had in the allotment!

Now before you head for the hills, let me reassure you that beetroot has never been my go-to vegetable. Ever. Sometimes it's made me wretch.

But that's vacuum-packed supermarket beetroot for you. As I keep (re)discovering, buying plastic-covered cheap veg is never a path to enlightenment. (You may remember the episode where I tried budget bagged up kale. Ugh.)

So when I was handed some fresh beetroot, I decided I'd try it in a hidden smoothie (because added banana and chocolate will disguise anything, right?).

Boiling up beetroot (takes 30mins)

I chopped the beetroot leaves off, leaving 2 inches of stalk so the beetroot would stay whole and not 'bleed' into the water. Then I boiled them for 30 minutes.

I then added frozen banana, cacao powder and hazelnut milk (my preference to almond milk in the recipe) and whizzed the whole thing up in a Magimix.

The next thing I knew, the most delicious and intensely satisfying drink stood before me and I drank the whole thing in gluttonous isolation. (Hey, I'm only human.)

But there was a considerable amount of beetroot left. What to do? Well, try it, obvs. And my, oh my, did it make an impressive salad, both in colour and taste.

So if you'd like to recreate an equally satisfying drink (or salad), I heartily recommend getting the freshest beetroot possible and giving it a whirl. Here's the smoothie recipe so you can make it happen. (Psst! You'll only need 4 other ingredients, and if you sub almond milk for whatever's in your fridge and protein powder for cacao/cocoa powder, you've probably got all the ingredients already.)

Do let me know how you get on! (Share your experience below, preferably with gorgeous pics.)

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