January 19, 2017

Before you get too excited, The Great British Bake Off hasn’t gone gluten-free.

At least, not for the entire series.Ali mixing up a cake 9

So that’s why I’m committing to baking a gluten-free version of a bake from GBBO every week.
Yep, that’s right: I’ll be trying out a recipe in the kitchen after each episode. This’ll mean possible glory every weekend for those of you who’d like to try it out (but want a tested method first).

I must confess, although cake’s obviously my specialty, I’m not so hot when it comes to pastry and (every Coeliac’s nemesis) bread (*shudders*). So it may be more baking fail than baking prowess, but I’m going to give it a go.

Wish me luck!

Are you excited about GBBO coming back? What are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts below!

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