What do you want to know about gluten?

November 26, 2019

Have you ever started typing something into Google and had a really bizarre suggestion come up? Sometimes it's really funny and other times it's just plain weird. 




As a business owner, I'm keen to know what people type into search engines in order to buy a gluten-free cake. You'd think it would be fairly simple - something along the lines of, "gluten-free cake near me", but the answer isn't quite so straight-forward.


I went to an online keyword search site to find out what people actually typed in. It offered me dozens of answers and some of them were so amusing I thought I'd share them here.


 Can you make your cake into a cat?


The Health Questions


  • "Can gluten-free cake cause gas?" Let's hope not. Ok, seriously, why would anyone ask this? My only conclusion is they ate some gluten-free cake, had a spot of wind and wondered whether the two were connected. 

  • "Can gluten-free cake cause diarrhoea?" Oh dear. Someone's eaten a family-sized portion and is regretting it.

  • "Is gluten-free carrot cake healthy?" Ah, the mere presence of carrots means it must count towards one of your five a day in the same way a G&T does, right?


Keen To Learn Questions


  • "Can gluten free eat chocolate cake?" I love this caveman approach, written as though people don't know how to construct a sentence fully. It also implies we're our own species - ah, the gluten-free - can they eat cake?

  • "How to make gluten-free cake flour" I have to confess, I wouldn't know the answer to this myself, having never asked my supplier for the proportions. This person is clearly well ahead of the baking game!

  • "Can dogs eat gluten-free cake?" Perhaps the real question here is "should" and not "can". I'm pretty confident cake being gluten-free doesn't suddenly make it safe for canines. 


Of course, none of these questions compare to the one I was asked once at a wedding fayre. "I've got an odd question for you," asked a potential customer. "Have you ever put a live animal in a cake?"


Are you blinking a lot yet? (I certainly did.)


And no, I didn't make her a cake.


Have you ever been asked something really bizarre about gluten-free? Do share your thoughts below!

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