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You can now find me on Instagram!

I'll admit it took a while. But I'm now on Instagram and this means lots more cakes and videos - hurrah!

So what can you expect?

Well, gluten-free for a start. But it'll be more than that. I've already done 2 live videos on gluten-free cake basics. The first goes over the best way to make a decent gluten-free cake that's moist, bakes to perfection and doesn't dribble horribly out of your cake pan into the oven below.

I've also taken things up a notch and gone into the finer details of chocolate ganache and how to decorate a drip cake, including this one:

Gluten-free dark chocolate ganache drip cake
Fancy making this dark chocolate ganache drip cake?

But if that all sounds like too much hard work, you'll be pleased to know I've also shown you some cheats, like exactly how to achieve sumptuous mirror-glazes on cupcakes within just 30 seconds. (That's right: 30 seconds!)

Yep, it's a baking hack bonanza!

I've shown you how to use ready-made gluten-free buttercream so everything you've made looks like it came from a French patisserie.

And there'll be more to come. Thanks to my lovely followers, I'm beavering away on new video ideas so you can create the cake of your dreams. And for all cakes I'm giving vegan alternatives, which should keep everyone happy.

To see these videos and pics of the glorious cakes you'll be creating, follow my new Instagram page here. It'll be great to have you join in!

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