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There was a time when what happened last night would have upset me.

Strangely, however, I just thought it was funny.

What was it?


Can you spot it?

The initials FF stand for Free From – i.e. I’d ordered gluten-free self-raising flour and they’d delivered normal flour instead.

Not so long ago I’d have ranted about the above note. I’d have criticised the supermarket’s commitment to me being “totally satisfied” and how they seemed to think prices were the most important thing to me. Delivering normal flour to a Coeliac doesn’t make their wish for my “online shop to be a breeze”. I might also have reminded them of the correct spelling of ‘receive’.

So what’s changed?

Either I’ve taken a chill pill (unlikely) or the availability of gluten-free flour is now so commonplace that not getting it doesn’t matter so much. So I’ll go to another supermarket. These things happen. And they did deliver half a kilo extra of the substituted flour – it’s not like Victorian times where they might have diddled me on the weight.

Of course, if it had been the night before Christmas, I might not have been so laid back, but that’s the thing about online shopping – it’s not always a sure thing.

What are your experiences of ordering gluten-free food online? Do share them below!

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