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There’s so much that goes through my mind when I eat out.

None of it mattered before I had to eat gluten-free. Now, it’s a battle between my desire to keep up social relations/have a break from cooking/feel like a normal person and the concern about whether it’s all actually worth it.

I once went to a restaurant where they boasted gluten-free sausages. It was only after I’d ordered them I remembered I wasn’t particularly keen on a banger (although the mash was fab).

Then there’s the ignoramus who returns from talking to the chef and tells you the pavlova’s not suitable “because it has dairy in it”. And you can’t help but worry your main course had gluten in because they clearly didn’t understand your dietary requirements.

Add to this the fact that most kitchens use gluten and your food could therefore be cross-contaminated, it’s a wonder any Coeliacs ever eat out.

Of course, like gambling, the house doesn’t always win. I’m willing to risk things (albeit on the basis I’m that really annoying person who asks a thousand questions about the food being served to triple-check it’s gluten-free). I’m not prepared to become Billy-no-mates who misses out on special occasions and the ability to try new foods.

So much has improved lately for Coeliacs and by supporting the food industry, I’m sure it’ll get even better.

What are your experiences of eating out as a Coeliac? Do share your thoughts below!

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