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That banana story in the papers the other day.

The one involving a chap called Martin Pavelka. You saw it, right? I ask simply because I wondered if I’d got the date wrong (was it April Fool’s?).

If you missed the outbreak on gluten-free social media, it basically involved an entire flight being served a full English except for Martin who got a banana (and all because he’d ordered gluten-free).

You can read the main story here.

The ‘expert’ in the article above says “fruit is a reasonable alternative” and Coeliacs should carry their own food. The airline claims it was the “snack option” (a rather flimsy excuse since they served it with a knife and fork).

I mean, come on!

So Coeliacs are supposed to go on a long-haul flight with a tiny 80 calorie piece of fruit to keep them going (whilst seeing everyone else devour a proper meal). Frequent fliers know how hard it is to get through passport control with food products. Perhaps we should all be on a sparrow’s diet?

Of course, there’s not much you can do when you’re on a flight. You can hardly fry up a steak.

So is the best thing to remain positive?

How to pretend a banana is a satisfying and appropriate meal on a flight

  1. Eat it in sections to stave off the possibility of extreme hunger; or

  2. Gobble it down lustily to show appreciation for a guaranteed gluten-free meal; and/or

  3. Boast to others about the virtues of airline food for Coeliacs.

The good news is the airline has apologised to poor old Martin and they’re reviewing their gluten-free options. And they didn’t just give him a banana (but it was several hours between the banana and a proper meal).

Even better, this kind of mistake is one of the ways gluten-free improves things for all of us because it gets everyone talking. Even those ‘I love gluten’ badges can aid our cause as Coeliacs.

What do you think? Have you had a negative gluten-free experience turn positive? Do share your story below!

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