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It’s not often I stop and stare at a recipe.

It’s not often I stop and stare at a recipe.

I mean, how many times can people come up with something new?

Well, get ready for Cloud Eggs. A delicious egg yolk enrobed in a fluffy white basket. Curious? Then look below…

What I love about them is you can customise the white. You want onions? You can add onions! Fancy a bit of bacon? That can go in, too. It’s like an omelette cloud of dreams.

Better still, it’s gluten-free. Yes, there’s the option of serving it with toast, but the actual recipe is one for Coeliacs (and let’s face it, sometimes breakfast as a Coeliac can seem a bit repetitive or dull).

So if you’re eagerly reaching for a box of free range, below is the recipe you’ll need.

Be sure to let me know how you get on by posting your thoughts below!

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