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I thought I’d misheard the tannoy in the supermarket yesterday.

I’d gone in to do a quick shop where I intended to whizz round as fast as possible.

But that all changed when an announcement was made:

Customers will now find gluten-free bread freshly baked in our store today.

It was the verbal equivalent of a mirage.

In the desert of the supermarket I wandered towards my oasis. Could it possibly be true? Would fresh gluten-free bread really be there?! I went to the bakery and was shown to a range of fresh gluten-free rolls and loaves in sealed packets. Even better, they were still warm!

The utterly delicious seeded loaf

The utterly delicious seeded loaf

Still unable to believe my luck, I quizzed the baker about the supermarket’s cross-contamination policy. He assured me the bread was made elsewhere in a gluten-free environment, sealed in oven-friendly packaging and then brought to the supermarket to be baked separately from the other loaves.

There was only one thing for it.

I eagerly reached for a seeded loaf and put it in my basket, grinning with wonder and excitement.

When I got home, it was the first thing I reached for and yep, the buttered crust was worth every penny (£2.30, if you’re wondering, which is less expensive than a ready-sliced gluten-free loaf that’s been on the shelf for a few days).

Even better, the (now half-eaten loaf) still tasted beautifully fresh in the morning and it’s a long time since I ate day-old gluten-free bread without having to toast it.

So if you’re Coeliac or have other reasons to avoid gluten, I heartily recommend dashing to Sainsbury’s for their latest bake. It’ll be my first stop tomorrow.

Have you tried the fresh gluten-free store-baked bread yet? What did you think? Do share your thoughts below!

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