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The 1 thing a coeliac can never do

Last week I felt like I entered some sort of time portal. I think I slipped somewhere and left a portion of my brain behind.

The realisation of my coeliac dilemma

I'll elaborate.

I went on a lovely family day out and completely forgot to take any gluten-free food with me.

Seriously! What was I thinking?

There was a café, of course, but all it sold that was gluten-free was fruit and crisps. So I ended up with one of those funny meals that isn't really a meal (and obviously went hungry).

The weird thing is, I never do this. If anything, I over-cater for myself, making sure I have heaps of food in my bag so I don't end up ridiculously ravenous.

Instead, I ended up with the usual dilemma coeliacs face: go hungry or go home. Clearly I wasn't going to do the latter (the children were having a brilliant time) and so I had to wait a few hours before I could dive into a coeliac safe zone and raid the fridge. (I realise that bit sounds like quite good fun. And it would have been if I hadn't been so busy.)

So there we are. Lesson learned. TAKE FOOD. Always, take food.

What are your experiences of eating on the hoof? Do share them below!

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