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Fabulous new gluten-free products from Asda

When you've not been to a shop in a while, it can be interesting to see new products, especially if you've got an eagle-eye for gluten-free (like me).

Fruit & veg: thankfully not the only safe place for a coeliac

Don't worry - I'm not going to give a delusional talk about gluten-free vegetables!

So I was really excited to see Asda's new freefrom range this week. Well, I say new, but since I've not been there for a year or so, it may have sneaked into the shelves in 2018. For this, I humbly apologise, but I'm hoping the majority of you didn't know about it all until now. (Either that or I'll get a stampede of social media trying to flatten me on their way to saying "the gingerbread men have been around for years".)

Asda's excellent freefrom range

Honestly? I already knew about the gingerbread. But I didn't want to exclude them from the photo because they're reason alone to go to Asda (I've not seen other supermarkets do 6 chunky oat-free men for 25p each).

The biggest surprise was how good their pastry was. Those sausage rolls you can see lurking at the back of the photograph? There's a reason the packet looks a little crushed: I couldn't wait to get home before sampling them (and then promptly ate the rest of the packet). As for the quiche, it was a big hit with my children and me, and I honestly don't think you can tell the difference between the gluten-free pastry and normal pastry, which is a massive leap in coeliac progress.

(Small sidenote: the Italian coffee desserts (desperately trying to be Tiramisu) were all right, but nothing to dash back for.)

So there we are. A completely ad-free, not sponsored by, haven't been asked in any way to promote Asda (but I'm going to anyway) reflection of the fantastic freefrom market that has exploded onto the scene.

Have you recently found a new gluten-free version of your favourite food? Do share a pic of it below!

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