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3 types of flowers to choose for a wedding cake

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

If you're choosing a wedding cake and you're not quite sure how you'd like it decorated, try looking at these different floral inspirations.

1. The rose

Pink sugar rose on wedding cake

It's a classic and for good reason! Roses not only look stunning but also last a long time in a bouquet, which is kinda handy when you need to throw it into a crowd 12 hours after you've walked down the aisle. So if you need a sugar version for your wedding cake, a single rose can look really elegant.

Peach sugar rose with leaves on vegan wedding cake

2. The peony

White sugar peony with stamens

There are many reasons to love peonies but they're not always in season, which is why having a sugar peony on your wedding cake can be a fantastic alternative to real flowers. Choose between a closed cup or one with open stamens, depending on your preference.

Pink sugar closed cup peony

3. Hydrangea

Tiny flowers can be arranged in different ways on a cake to look truly stunning. All you need to decide is your colour preference, which is made all the easier if you've already chosen it for your bridesmaid dresses or invitations.

Pink-tipped hydrangea on wedding cake

You can also play around with colour, particularly if you've used two-tone colours elsewhere (e.g. with different-coloured button-holes or ties).

Ombre flowers on wedding cake

Have you got any flower questions about wedding cakes? Do ask me below!

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