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Gorgeous cakes using Sweet Stamps

Hands up who loves scrolling through Pinterest to find cake ideas?

Yep, that'll be my hand!

Add "being nosey" to my list of interests and, well, you've got the inspiration for this blog post. In other words, I thought you might like to see some of my favourite cakes this year so far (and all of them incorporate Sweet Stamps*).

* Not an ad, I promise. I just love them!

Let's start with this one:

Gluten-free dinosaur cake
Children's dinosaur cake

I mean, is there anything more cute than a dinosaur?!

Next up is a cake for someone whose girlfriend was determined he should absolutely, definitely have the best birthday ever in lockdown. Yep, it includes his favourite things: Thatcher's cider, Bristol City Football Club and Liverpool City FC, too (look closely for the tiny flag).

Bristol City football cake gluten-free
Bristol City football cake

There were so many things I loved about this cake: the gold lettering from Sweet Stamps, the football peeking out from a football scarf and, of course, creating Ben's figure in his favourite outfit of white t-shirt and jeans (a classic combo!).

But she wasn't the only person determined to make someone's day. Imagine turning 90 during lockdown and needing something unique that's gluten-free. This pond cake was the basis for a theme the granddaughter had in mind. She added family treasures to the cake afterwards so her grandfather would have something truly special. Whether she also had 90 candles, I'm not sure...

90th birthday gluten-free cake
90th birthday cake with pond!

Finally, if there's anything more devoted than a dog owner, it's a mother of a dog owner who wants to treat her daughter to a cake she thoroughly deserves. This one had gold-painted leaves, pink roses and her beloved dachshund on top with a sumptuous chocolate cake hidden underneath. Yum!

Gluten-free pink drip cake with chocolate flavour dachshund
Pink drip cake with edible dachshund

So the big question is: what design will you choose to celebrate the next birthday in your family? Have you been inspired or do you need to see more?

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