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I was dreading this week on the Bake Off.

You know, bread week. I grew up making wonderful bread from fresh yeast. My sister and I would make all sorts of stuff; a plait was my favourite.

But then I got Coeliac Disease and making bread seemed nigh-on impossible. So when I started out my challenge to do a gluten-free version of The Great British Bake Off every week, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to bread.

Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised to find this was one of the easiest weeks to emulate, and it’s all thanks to Miryam from Eat Good 4 Life. She posted a chocolate bread recipe that actually works. So I’ve translated it into English measures (grams instead of cups) and added some sunflower seeds. Hey presto! A loaf was born.

And it’s in video form below. Click on the photo below & enjoy!


Have you tried making gluten-free chocolate bread? How did it go?

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