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Hoops, hexagons, disco or naked... Which gluten-free wedding cake would you choose?!

If you've been wondering what style of cake people have been going for lately, feast your eyes on these beauties! They're all gluten-free (obvs, since they're made here at The Bakehouse) and they show exactly how stunning tiered wedding cakes or cupcake towers can be.

Hexagonal hoop wedding cake
Check out that hoop! And the gold top tier! And that gorgeous pale pink hexagon!

Rainbow drip effect glitter ball wedding cake
Time for a disco! This cake had a gorgeous rainbow drip effect to join those glitter balls!in

Bride, groom and dog wedding cake toppers
What about having your gorgeous doggy join you on top of the wedding cake?

Buttercream wedding cake with silk flowers
Or maybe you'd like something in combed buttercream with silk flowers?
Naked wedding cake with fruits & flowers
The perfect rustic-themed wedding cake for showing off fruits and flowers!
Gluten-free wedding cupcake tower
A cupcake tower is a gorgeous way to display your cakes!
Owl & pussycat toppers on a gluten-free wedding cake
The owl & the pussycat went to wed in a beautiful gluten-free cake
Gluten-free wedding cupcake tower
A big wedding calls for a hundred cupcakes and a big display of flowers!

The big question is, which would you choose?

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