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When you get married, you want everyone to think your wedding is wonderful.

There are several things people are going to be looking forward to:

Seeing the bride for the first time*; A free bar; A good first dance; and An amazing cake. (* Sorry chaps but when it comes to the big day it’s mostly about your gorgeous wife.)

But what constitutes ‘amazing’? Is it the style? Is it the taste? Or is it size?

When it comes to the latter, where else would you find the competition but in Dallas? Let’s face it, their state’s unofficial motto is, “Everything’s bigger in Texas!”

Gigantic cake 14 tiers: is it a wedding do or a wedding don’t? Click on the cake to watch the video…

Watched it? Let’s just go over those stats again:

72 dozen eggs; 28lbs of Swarovski crystals; 14 tiers of cake; 150lbs of fondant; and 10,000 servings. Presumably there were 10,000 guests. That would justify the size. And it would mean less than a tenth of an egg each, which is hardly gluttonous.

But the Twitterarti aren’t quite convinced.

1 2 3 < > If you’re wondering, the standard size wedding cake for most couples is 3 tiers, usually feeding around 100 people. That’s a hundred times smaller than the cake above. And it won’t have to have that “dense batter” to stop the tiers from crumbling (hmmm, not sure I’d want to taste that).

Then again, let’s go back to that whole ‘wedding wow’ thing. You want to impress your guests. You want them to be treated. A wedding is a time for decadence. And if you can get a baker who’ll make a 10,000 slice cake that looks (and probably costs) a million dollars, why not?

What do you think? Is it exceptionally brilliant or exceptionally excessive? Do comment below!

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