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We're nearly there for weddings!

It's just 3 more days and you'll be allowed to get married in England!

Covid wedding cake
Weddings are back on (and you can choose a matching mask!).

Admittedly, weddings will only be allowed 15 guests, but at least things are moving in the right direction.

At the moment my lovely customers are torn between getting a little wedding cake (as an acknowledgement of the occasion) and then saving themselves for a big cake later on (when they can have a proper knees-up) or just going the whole hog now and getting a 3 tier masterpiece.

So my main question is this: would you like to send a gift to people who weren't able to attend the wedding? If so, a sumptuous slice of cake in the post is just the ticket! You can get special boxes made with your names & the wedding date, which means all you have to do is pop a slice of cake inside and nip to the post office.

Bride & groom cutting their gluten-free wedding cake
Cutting the cake is so much fun!

The other thing you may wish to consider is how you want the photos to look. One of the most iconic photos for every married couple is the one where they slice the cake. Do you want to have a gorgeous-looking big cake or are you happy with a one tier wonder? Both can look wonderful and the 3 tier cake doesn't need to go to waste. You can either have the two bottom tiers made from polystyrene (but iced with real icing) for the look of a big cake, or you can simply keep a tier to enjoy the next day with champagne, thereby extending your wedding experience.

The smallest 3 tier cake I do is 4" on top, 6" in the middle and 8" on the bottom. This feeds roughly 35 guests, so if you're allowed 15 people that gives everyone two slices (finger slices, so not a whopping amount) and 5 slices left over for the next day or for your wonderful wait staff.

Gluten-free small tiered wedding cake
4, 6 & 8" tiered wedding cake

All you have to do now is decide which option you prefer!

To choose your favourite wedding cake design click here.

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