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Being Coeliac means you tend to veer from one extreme to another.

Sometimes there’s nothing you can eat (think of beige food at buffets or when someone in the office brings in a ‘normal’ birthday cake). But then there are ‘Hallelujah’ moments when someone’s ensured gluten-free food’s been provided for you and you end up with a massive plate of goodies.

Prewetts biscuits CUHappily for me, I’ve been enjoying the latter, and it all began with a knock from the postman.

Prewett’s had sent a wonderful selection of their gluten-free biscuit range. It wasn’t long before I was tucking in to a variety of the most fabulous biscuits ever, so here’s a breakdown of the biscuits they have on offer:

The Everyday Biscuit (and they’re all dairy-free)

You know the ones I mean: you have a morning cuppa and they’re the perfect biscuit to go with it.

Digestives Shortbread Ginger

First up: Digestives. It can be really difficult to get a gluten-free digestive that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Thankfully, these dinky little biscuits are anything but. They’re so delicately sweet and moreish I ended up eating 6 on the trot. (What can I say? I was hungry…)

Shortbread: a wonderfully crunchy, light, buttery (yet dairy-free) taste. (How? How have they managed this?!!!) I definitely wanted a second.

Ginger Cookies: deliciously crunchy, Prewett’s have managed to get them exactly right for my palette – i.e. not too fiery but still have a bit of a kick. Yum.

The Treat Biscuit

This is the sort you buy when Granny comes round or you’ve got that Friday feeling. The treat biscuit is like a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day (and in England, that’ll mean you’ll probably be treating yourself a fair bit).

Chocolate chip Chewy oat & raisin

Chocolate Chip Cookies: these chunky cookies won’t disappoint, especially for those who also need dairy-free. Crunchy goodness with yummy chocolate chips – what’s not to love?

Chewy Oat & Raisin Cookies: are you the sort of person who loves eating raw cake/biscuit mix? If so, this is the cookie for you. The yummy texture is created with butter and golden syrup with gluten-free oats and raisins.

One for the kids’ lunchboxes


Chocoful: remember those small wrapped chocolate biscuits you used to take to school? Penguins, Trios, 2 finger KitKats – that sort of thing?

Well here’s the gluten-free answer for your own children: “a crunchy biscuit coated in deliciously creamy milk chocolate”.

At exactly 100 calories, it’s the perfect snack to help them race round the playground.

The This-Will-Make-Anything-Better Biscuit

Rich triple chocolateRich Triple Chocolate: the name says it all, really. Three types of yummy chocolate chunks (i.e. dark, milk & white) with a chocolate-coated underside.

This is the biscuit to make you forget your troubles and bring an instant smile to a sad friend’s face.

The Coo-Er-Posh Biscuit

Spicy dark chocolate and gingerThese biscuits should come on their own silver platter. They’re the king of biscuits, looking down on all around them with justified conceitedness.

They are the Spicy Dark Chocolate & Ginger Cookies.

Completely smothered in chocolate with a bold crunch, they’re perfect for a late night indulgence.

Or just because, you know. Because.

The stats

For all those wondering what allergens are in the biscuits, here’s a breakdown:

Name Contains Calories per biscuit Digestives Soya 49 Shortbread Soya 93 Ginger Cookies Sulphur Dioxide 89 Chocolate Chip Cookies Soya 93 Chewy Oat & Raisin Cookies G-F Oats & Milk 80 Chocoful Milk & Soya 100 Rich Triple Chocolate Cookies G-F Oats, Milk & Soya 96 Spicy Dark Chocolate & Ginger Cookies G-F Oats, Milk & Soya 96 N.B. All biscuits are gluten-free but may contain nuts.

Want to know more? Head to the Prewett’s website here. Enjoy!

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