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That’s right: Braille.

“Caller: Can you do a wedding cake in 3 weeks’ time that’s gluten-free, doesn’t contain nuts and has Braille on the top?”

It was an unusual request, but at TBB we like challenges, and given it was November it wasn’t exactly wedding cake season, so a cake could be made in time.

The story behind it was this: a blind couple were getting married and had refused to have a wedding cake because some of their guests couldn’t have gluten or nuts and they didn’t want anyone to feel excluded. When a good friend learned their intentions, she set out to find a place that could make the cake, which is where we came in.

“So what does iced Braille look like?”

Admittedly, I’d never iced Braille before, but it seemed pretty straightforward. Saying that, I got them to send me the Braille and then double-checked it online: there can’t be much worse on your wedding day than having the wrong person’s name iced on a wedding cake!

I know what you’re thinking: what did the whole cake look like? Pretty gorgeous, actually, and here’s a pic as proof.

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