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When a Coeliac does the Blogging From A-Z April Challenge, clearly C is a very obvious opportunity to talk about the disease itself.

But what’s it like to have Coeliac Disease after umpteen years and how has it changed?

I’ve blogged before about how supermarkets have changed. I’ve discussed what it’s like when you first get diagnosed. But what’s it like being an old hand at the disease? Is it different?

Well, yes and no. I’d say it’s 50% different because you hardly have to think about what you’re eating (it becomes second-nature to read ingredients lists and order in a restaurant), and different because food establishments are getting so much better at allergen labelling (thanks, FSA!). But then I’d say it’s 50% the same: Coeliacs still can’t eat ‘normal’ bread and everywhere you go there’s always someone who’ll ask what it’s like to have the disease (yep, that conversation again!).

And then there’s that word: disease! As though you’re contagious or about to die.

Mercifully, it’s probably one of the best diseases you could have (as far as diseases go). And thanks to the internet there’s so much more information out there, although beware those who don’t really know what they’re talking about. They’ll confuse Coeliac Disease with allergies or intolerances (the real term is autoimmune disorder) or look bemused when it comes to cross-contamination.

The worst thing about the disease (for me) is that I’m no longer the easy-to-cater-for person who’d eat anything (still would if I could).

And the best? That wonderful moment when you see a stunning dessert and someone says, “It’s gluten-free. Would you like some?”

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