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The first cake decorating video I did went up on YouTube 2 years ago. By the time it had over 25,000 hits, I knew people liked it. After numerous requests, I knew people wanted more.

So I got thinking. What do people really want? What’s out there already and where are the gaps?

cake decorating 1 cake decorating 2Firstly, I decided the videos would have to be good quality. It’s all very well having an 8mm camera for a freebie on YouTube, but if you want to see intricate details in close-up, you’re going to have to get a video professional in. Secondly, subscriptions really annoy me. Unless you know you’re going to want a massive number of videos over a long period of time, why would you pay a monthly fee? So I decided my videos would be tiny one-off payments. No need to worry about your wallet taking a commitment hit.cake decorating 3 cake decorating 4That said, I also wanted people to be able to see some videos before committing to paying anything. Let’s face it, not many of us will buy a product without knowing what we’re getting. So rest-assured there are a few freebies on the site, too! Finally, I wanted people to be able to pick and choose. Not everyone needs to watch every step of the way. You might want to learn how to stack a cake but already know how to cover a cake in fondant, so why would you want to have to watch the fondant covering part (or click ahead on the video & risk missing a vital tip)?cake decorating 5 cake decorating 6Therefore, everything is clearly labelled. Let’s say you want to know how to decorate a wedding cake. The videos are in sequence so you can add the ones you need to your cart. And if you’re wondering whether you’ve got to be experienced already at cake decorating, you needn’t fret. There’s everything for the beginner cake decorator from piping words in royal icing to hiding jam in a cupcake (a firm winner at parties!).cake decorating 7 cake decorating 8But there’s also more for people who’ve got a few skills under their belt already. You might be a master baker but not know how to dowel a cake. Or perhaps you want to create a hand-painted Safari showstopper cake. The videos are there for the taking! So if you fancy wowing your family and friends with some delicious cakes, have a look at the video below for some of the treats you could put together. By this time next week they’ll be urging you to enter a bake-off!

An easy-to-follow set of videos that include top tips for vegans and Coeliacs.

Like the videos? Want more? Do comment below!

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