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Easter. Probably the biggest egg-fest you can get, so going egg-free isn’t exactly easy. Yesterday may not have been your favourite day.

But it’s just what a lot of my customers ask for: an egg-free cake.

Whether you’re allergic to egg, have religious beliefs that prohibit you from eating it or simply choose to be vegan, eggs pose a bit of a problem when it comes to cake.

Until now.

Enter the most delectable egg-free cake ever. Great texture, delicious crumb and yep, one that you can adapt from vanilla to chocolate simply by substituting 40g of cocoa powder for flour in the recipe.

What recipe?!

That’d be the one here. The one that comes not only with a picture but also a video.

“Did you say video?!”

Yes, Sirreeeeee. And it’s very easy to follow so set your oven to 190 degrees Celsius and put it on, ’cause as soon as you realise how delicious this cake is, you’ll want to get cooking.

(Do let me know how you get on – all comments welcome below!)

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