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It used to be a pipe dream: the idea that I’d be able to order anything from a menu.

Coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and anyone else who has a restrictive diet will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Well now’s the time to get happy because the dream has been realised. For all those who can’t eat gluten, allow me to introduce you to Pho – a restaurant that’s taking over the UK. With luck it’ll reach world domination soon.

Menu-Optimized The menu – a vast expanse of choice (hurrah!)

I’ll explain further for the sceptics/ those desperate to know more.

Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant where every single item bar one is gluten-free. If you’re worried, the one that isn’t comes pre-made in a sealed packet. You can rest assured all the food they make on the premises is free from gluten.

I didn’t fancy drinking when I went to Pho and was thrilled to discover they do a number of fresh juices. It wasn’t long before I’d gulped one down and was begging for another.

Coconut, pineapple & apple juice and Apple, mint & lime Coconut, pineapple & apple juice and Apple, mint lime

What’s more, the food is absolutely delectable. It’s so fresh and full of flavour it’s hard to order sensibly. After all, with this much amazing choice you’d be forgiven for stuffing yourself silly.

The only other option would be to arrive with twenty friends and order the entire menu. That way you could try a small amount of everything and not have to widen the door frame to get out of the building.

Want to know more? Then let the images speak for themselves. Just make sure you’re not hungry when you look at them (unless you’ve booked yourself a table at Pho tonight):

Prawn crackers with a spicy dip To start: prawn crackers with a spicy dip

King prawn broken rice King prawn broken rice

Vietnamese vegetable noodle soup Vietnamese vegetable noodle soup

Strawberry sorbet and honey & ginger icecream Strawberry sorbet and honey & ginger icecream

All in all there are 19 different Pho restaurants around the UK, which means whether you’re in London or Leeds, Brighton or Bristol, you can enjoy the cuisine to your heart’s content.

Desperate to go Pho? Click here to see their website. Enjoy!

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