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It was so tempting to have ‘F is for Freefrom’ because that’s what The Bristol Bakehouse is all about.

But so far this month I’ve discussed Coeliac Disease and what it means to be gluten-free, I’ve given dairy-free baking tips and yesterday I covered the truly tough egg-free cake (when I say tough, I mean ‘tough to get right’, not ‘tough like an old boot’, just in case you were wondering).

Fudgbomz in the early days…

And the fact is, when TBB first started out, we became well known for our chocolate fudge, or Fudgbomz as they came to be known. Fudgbomz got its own Twitter account. Fudgbomz sold out at Vegfest. Fudgbomz did well when sampled.

But something wasn’t right. Maybe it was the packaging, maybe it was the concept, but somehow the whole idea of Fudgbomz left me dragging my heels when it came to marketing.

And so a new idea was born and it’s coming soon.

Want a hint?

Well, let’s just say that the fudge is having a makeover and it won’t just be chocolate on the menu. And before any vegans start worrying, there’ll be more than one vegan fudge for you to sample and I promise it’ll be exciting!

What’s your favourite flavour of fudge? Comment below and you might just see it in our new collection!

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