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Ha ha! Bet you thought G would just be about gluten-free but no!

Gluten-free hour is the brainchild of @Foodsyoucan, a wellbeing website that focuses on all aspects of freefrom.

It’s on between 8-9pm (GMT) every Tuesday evening and is a brilliant way to discuss gluten-free foods, ask questions and find solutions to your problems.

“But what will it do to me?” — Common question

Pic from Jaqueline Midmore @fussyflours

Last week there was a delicious pic of some g-f hot cross buns and how to make them (mmmmm!).

But it’s more than just recipes. It’s about bringing a group together and finding a place where everyone understands your needs, whether it’s because you’re Coeliac or you have a Coeliac child, or simply because every now and then you’re just thankful to find a lovely online community.

So the big question is: will you be tweeting #glutenfreehour next Tuesday? Really hope so! Click here for more info.

Share your thoughts: comment below about what you need as a Coeliac.

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