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One of the best hobbies I had when I was a kid was decorating cakes.

I loved it and would happily have started a business there and then if I’d had the chance. (Hey, what’s more adorable than a 9 year old selling their own handmade cakes?)

But it wasn’t an easy ride. Books in the 80s often lacked photographs so I repeatedly found myself reading and re-reading the text. Was this what they meant? I wasn’t sure. And often, when I had the finished product in front of me, there was no photo to compare (possibly this worked in my favour – at least if I got things wrong no-one could laugh and point out the difference).

But in 2016 we’re lucky enough to have access to online videos, enabling kids and adults alike to catapult themselves into the super-baker category much more quickly than before.

So take a look at the video above and tell me what you think. There are lots more and they can be found here should you need them.

Are you an avid cake decorator? Are you just starting out? Do tell below – I’d love to hear from you!

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