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It’s not often you find something in the wedding world that’s vegan, gluten-free and delicious.

I’ve heard so many sad stories.

Like the bride who was offered melon as a starter and as a pudding. Yep, clearly they thought she needed a lot of melon. Or possibly it was the only fruit in the venue. Or maybe they just weren’t thinking at all.

Then there are the people who are told by their families that no-one will come if they only serve vegan food, so they end up having the usual salmon & chicken combo and eat something different themselves.

So it’s with great joy and triumph I’d like to introduce you to a selection of mouth-watering cakes you can have if you’re vegan and also need to avoid gluten.

The Naked Cake

4 Vegan naked wedding cakeOooh, I say! It’s not as daring as you might think (well, not unless the cake’s not the only naked request on the day). It’s been a trend for a while now and basically covers any cake that doesn’t have icing.

There are a number of ways to dress the cake (despite its nakedness) and one of the most popular is to use seasonal fruit and powdered sugar.

You can also add fresh edible flowers and, as a real crowd-pleaser, mini jugs of melted pouring chocolate for the ultimate in decadence.

If you want to see how this one was created then click here for the secret to success!

The Floral Tribute

10 wedding cake with Light and dark pink rosesIt’s an easy way to dress a cake without having to fork out too much cash. If you’re carrying a bouquet of roses then the obvious choice for the cake is to have the same roses on top or between each tier. A sprinkling of petals around the base looks stunning, too.

This cake was created for a bride whose maids were dressed in pastel pink and lilac. It’s a great idea to tie in a colour theme in your wedding which you can reflect in the invitations, table runners, bridal wear, chair covers and more.

The Sugarcraft Masterpiece

Think you can’t have sugarcraft? Think again! There are vegan gumpastes these days which allow for some really stunning edible flowers. (In days gone by, you’d have had to use an egg-based paste.)

5 Wedding Cupcakes with blue flowers & butterfliesThis cake was for a couple who fell in love with a beautiful set of bird stands.

The obvious choice to go with them was to have a combination of cupcakes as well as a top tier.

Miniature blue roses were assembled onto the cupcakes along with sugar butterflies and 2D roses made from dairy-free frosting. The main cake had blue roses and a matching ribbon.

Keen to know more?

We had a lovely write-up by The Wedding Secret on our cakes so click here if you’d like to read all about it.

Did you have a vegan wedding cake? Do tell below!

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