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It’s amazing how often a post on coeliac disease can cause uproar in the community.

It’s not so often that the post divides opinion among Coeliacs themselves. I’m talking about the latest progress with curing coeliac disease: a vaccine.

According to Gluten-Free Champs, a new vaccine is being trialled in 3 different countries to see if the vaccine will work. It’s based on the fact that gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley & rye. The theory behind it is this:

When this protein is eaten by a coeliac, the body mistakes it as harmful and attacks itself; Scientists believe that Coeliacs should introduce tiny traces of the protein; These tiny amounts will get the body used to having gluten (but with none of the horrible side effects); When the body realises that gluten isn’t an enemy, it’ll be able to absorb more; and Coeliacs will be able to eat bread again. To me, it sounds like a dream come true. A cure – hurrah! But after seeing a sizeable debate on Facebook, I realised not everyone feels the same. Read the following checklist and let me know which side you’re on:

Show entriesSearch: For Against Coeliac disease affects my daily life; it’s important to find a cure. Money should be spent on other drugs like meningitis vaccines; we don’t need a cure as a gluten-free diet means we’re already well. Coeliac disease can turn into a more serious condition such as bowel cancer; it’s important research is done to cure it. There are others who are a lot worse off – we should be thankful we only have to eat gluten-free food. It would be great to prevent the effects of cross-contamination. It’s all a big money-making scam. The cost of ongoing appointments and prescriptions on the NHS for Coeliacs is a lot more than a vaccine – it’s worth the investment. I wouldn’t have it personally and I don’t understand why they’re not putting the money into researching more important life-threatening illnesses. We could pay to have the vaccine privately which would solve the question of NHS funding. I’m not sure I would want this yet – I’d need more proof that it definitely worked. It’s horrible being different from everyone else; we need a cure. Things have got much better for people with coeliac disease. We’ll be able to manage. It’s not a question of whether life-threatening illnesses are more important. It’s about making people’s lives better (like antihistamines for hayfever sufferers). There isn’t enough money to go round for research to be done into everything & coeliac disease isn’t a priority.Showing 1 to 7 of 7 entriesPreviousNext So what do you think? Are you Team For or Team Against? Let me know your thoughts below!

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