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This is one of those wonderful recipes where making something from scratch is actually really easy.

No, really!

If I tell you it only involves 3 ingredients will that persuade you? I imagine you’re still thinking about The Great British Bake Off from Wednesday and how hard everything looked. At least, it did to me. I was wondering what on earth I’d be able to recreate that was gluten-free (those pies didn’t look too promising – we all know how my last pastry effort went). But then they started making marzipan and it struck me – most marzipan recipes contain egg, and this show reminded us that it’s not always been that way.

That’s right: marzipan always used to be vegan. Plus it’s naturally gluten-free. So I thought I’d try making it and seeing if I could recreate one of those Tudor roses.

All you need is ground almonds, icing sugar and almond essence. I made a tiny quantity in the video below but it’s really easy to scale up because the icing sugar & ground almonds are always in the same quantity.

vegan-marzipan-rose Click the picture to watch the video!

I used:

75g ground almonds 75g icing sugar 1 drop almond essence 1 tblspn water Oh all right, that’s technically 4 ingredients, but I don’t really think water counts.

One last thing: in the video I talk about using 1 teaspoon of water but my mix ended up needing a tablespoon. I think the best thing is to try a little at a time so you don’t have to add more almonds & icing sugar in a desperate bid to even up the ingredients.

Do tell me how you get on by sharing below!

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