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It wasn’t so long ago that I mourned the loss of oats in my diet. If I could eat any gluten-containing product, I’d choose oats.

And then a miracle happened! I was in the supermarket wheeling my trolley along when BAM! There they were. “Gluten-free oats.” So I did what any normal Coeliac would do: I rubbed my eyes, got out my phone, took a photo and walked out without buying them.

Why? I had to get confirmation these were genuine! I went to a fellow Coeliac. “Is it true?” I gasped, holding my breath in hope of her answer. She affirmed my greatest edible hope. “It is,” and then added, “I’ve been buying them for some time.”

How had I missed this?

Please note: this story relates to a few years back now; I haven’t just noticed these oats. But apparently Mornflake have. Or, at least, it’s taken them a while to get on the bandwagon, because as of this week, a new product has arrived – Pinhead Oatmeal.

Have you seen it in your local supermarket yet? If so, let me know! Dying to try it (in a healthy sense, of course).

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