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Toppers, you say? You must be talking about wedding cakes!

Well, in the main, but toppers can be used for any occasion that’s special, from christenings to 21st birthdays to the aforementioned ‘big day’.

Baby TopperWhat I like about toppers is that they’re so personal. They immediately indicate the type of person the cake is for. Choose a quirky topper and you know you’ve got someone who likes to be unique. Choose animal toppers to represent the person/people and you know they’re warm-hearted. Choose a topper that matches you exactly and you’ve got someone who’s a perfectionist (probably).

Elephant+Cake+Toppers+CU+9Whatever the reason, a topper says, “I’m fun! I want other people to have fun!”

And that’s exactly why I love making them.

Are you keen on making things from sugar? Do tell in a comment below

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