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Wow! What a year it’s been.

This was the year of the chandelier cake. The upside-down, how on earth does that stay up? wonder of wonders in the cake world.

Then there was being shortlisted for the Freefrom Food Awards (hurrah!). Sadly, we were beaten to the prize by a tea slice. What can I say? I’m sure the tea slice was delicious but all the winners seemed geared towards healthy options, which kind of puts TLB out of the running. Let’s face it, the delights of raw and fibrous food will never make it to the inside of a TLB wedding cake.

It was also the year of the final Bake Off (sobs) and a desperate attempt to make a video each week of a gluten-free version of what they were doing. I (nearly) succeeded – 9 out of 10 weeks in total. (The final week was where I floundered. Let’s just say life took over…)

Mummy & Baby with cupcakes

Which brings me to the best part of the year – the bun in the oven! Or more accurately, the bun that came out of the oven, and is now learning sugarcraft. Well, it is if you can count holding a rolling pin and banging it on a table.

So what does 2017 hold? Well, let’s just say that a new website’s in the making (so watch this space for some fabulous changes) and the bun won’t be alone for long.

Finally, huge thanks to all who’ve supported The Bakehouse this year. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

Happy holidays!

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