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When you design people’s wedding cakes, you get a lot of standard requests (3 tier, white, lace, flowers etc…). It’s therefore rather brilliant and exciting when you get a more unusual request.

And I don’t mean in terms of cake colour.

Oh no! The requests I’m talking about are along the lines of puzzled face (me), a request for them to repeat what they’ve just said and then an exclamation of, “Interesting!” (again from me).

I’ll give you an example:

“I know it sounds a bit funny but could you do a live animal in a wedding cake?” Bride to be Me: blink blink.

Now before you call the RSPCA, the request was clarified with a more calming explanation.

The bride to be had seen a cake with separators between the tiers. They were large, plastic, and each contained a fish. She’d thought this was rather fun and wanted to know if I could do something similar.

I never got the opportunity to talk any further with said bride as she didn’t go ahead and order.

I’ve no idea what the rules and regulations are for this, but if you google ‘live animal in wedding cake’ then there’s definitely some stern opposition. You’ll also see that the infamous Cake Boss did a wedding cake 6 years ago where he incorporated two white doves (still alive, thankfully).

Disregarding how one is supposed to proceed in this sort of situation, as ideas go, it certainly meant I had a rather unusual moment at an otherwise routine wedding fayre.

Did you have an unusual wedding cake? Are you planning on having one? Do tell below!

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