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Under ‘Cakes & Bakes’, W is a no-brainer, especially as wedding season is now upon us.

My husband describes me as a ‘wedding nutter’. It’s not my preferred introduction; I must say, but perhaps our other halves know us better than we know ourselves… Hmmm, still not sure about the nutter bit (natch).

I do like a good wedding, though. And of course, that includes the wedding cake.

Most of the time, I’m creating cakes for people I’ve never met before. It’s therefore a huge privilege to be able to do a cake for a friend, and I had that very opportunity last week.

You may have seen on Facebook or Twitter the progress of the cake.

It began like this:

plain wedding cake

In other words, an ordinary ivory 3 tier wedding cake.

But then!

decorated wedding cake

Yep – the woodland has arrived, complete with sugar apples and edible butterflies.

To say the bride and groom were happy is rather an understatement, which was a huge relief to me (hey, no-one wants to disappoint a couple on their wedding day!).

Are you making someone’s wedding cake? Got a question? Do ask below and I’ll answer!

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