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Is there anything better than receiving the word ‘congratulations’ in an e-mail followed by…

“I am pleased to tell you that you are a finalist in Food and Drink Business of the Year category in the Western Daily Press Food and Farming Awards 2015.” Western Daily Press

It’s pretty hard to beat on a wet Wednesday morning, especially as I’d forgotten all about entering.

When you run your own business, there’s so much to think about that even yesterday seems like a lifetime ago, so thinking back to early February this year is a bit like having to work in dog years.

So what did I tell the judges when I entered? Basically, that The Bristol Bakehouse is all about making people’s lives more special, whether it’s because they’re able to eat their own wedding cake (there aren’t many places who’ll do a decent gluten-free vegan cake) or because their 3 year old son’s able to eat a birthday cake for the very first time.

People who have dietary needs deserve yummy treats and that’s what TBB’s all about: celebrating delicious food and making big occasions even better.

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