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Don’t you just love it when gluten-free food is promoted in ‘normal’ articles?

It wasn’t so long ago that freefrom food was practically unheard of. Sometimes you’d get a small mention in the back of a magazine, but that was all.

It was the leper of the food world. But now gluten-free food is becoming as commonplace as being vegetarian. Coeliacs, rejoice!

I decided to put together a small birthday picnic (3 of us in total, if you don’t count the baby). So I did what most of us do when we’re stuck for ideas: searched Google.

The first post to come up did me proud, and I hadn’t even typed ‘gluten-free’. This is my screenshot:

Asda gluten-free picnic Asda’s Good Living Guide To Picnics With both recipes and ready-to-eat suggestions, there were ideas galore, and it wasn’t long before I realised if I got everything they suggested in the article, the three of us would be stuffed beyond belief, and that’s not the wisest of ideas when you want to squeeze into a pair of shorts.

But who am I to stop you from providing the ultimate picnic? Here are my favourite five:

Smoked salmon and cream cheese crackers. Fresh asparagus & pea salad. Spring onion frittata. Cloudy lemonade. Brie & black grapes*. * Technically not quite what Asda specified, as they mentioned the whole cheese board, but I’ve always been partial to a spot of brie.

Click on this link to take you to the Asda article and let me know how you get on!

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