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One amazing ingredient to swap right now for the perfect Sunday roast

Restaurants, I'm talking to you. More specifically, the places that do great carveries.

What do I want? An upgrade of the traditional Yorkshire pudding. A gluten-free treat to turn a weekly event into culinary heaven for Coeliacs like me.

And what does it involve? Just one thing.


All I'm asking is that you swap your regular flour for cornflour so that our plates don't feel barren at noon on a Sunday.

A Yorkshire pudding is a thing of greatness. Crispy on the outside with a deliciously light centre, many people say a roast isn't complete without one. It can even double as a miniature gravy boat. Food that's mouth-watering and practical!

Most restaurants are now aware of the huge impact providing gluten-free can have on their business. Being inclusive is what it's all about and I can see only two barriers to this:

1. Taste.

2. Expense.

But neither of these poses a problem for the humble Yorkshire. Cornflour makes them taste great (and gives them a high rise) and the cost is negligible - it's not like buying in a shedload of chia seeds or cacao powder.

So if you need gluten-free and your local isn't providing the trimmings when it comes to a roast dinner, send them this article. Make your plea known.

And for anyone who's clamouring for a homecooked experience, there's a recipe and video here. (In the video half cornflour and half plain g-f flour is used; I'm reliably informed by some kind souls on Facebook that you can do the whole thing with just cornflour.)

Let me know below if your local starts doing gluten-free Yorkshires!

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