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The weird labelling continues...

Last week you may remember I was rather *"&!***£! about unclear labelling on food packets. However, I didn't realise it would release a whole new world of badly labelled food upon me. I now feel like everywhere I look there's the Beadle's About equivalent of an ingredients vs allergens list ready to cackle loudly at me.

I'm vegan but I may contain milk...

I'll explain.

Last week's food fury was a gluten-free label next to a 'may contain gluten' warning. Hrrumph. The next problem I came across was this (clue: look left).

Seen it yet?

Yep! There it is: suitable for vegans (but made in a factory that handles milk).

I realise this is a slight deviation from my usual focus on gluten-free but it still comes under the umbrella problem that is cross-contamination.

So I tweeted the company concerned and got this response:

I have friends who'd see the vegan sign and then (quite rightly, in my opinion) assume it couldn't possibly contain milk.

But it could!

I do understand the vegan perspective. Clearly, for vegans, they want reassurance that the product meets their code of ethics (otherwise the Vegan Association wouldn't have approved).

But it's not helpful for those with medical needs. Something needs to be done to help clear up the issue. I know how frustrating it is to get ill after unwittingly eating gluten. I don't want to make things more awkward for the well-meaning friend or family member who thinks they've bought me something I can eat (and has probably forked out some extra money for it) only to find it's not suitable.

What are your thoughts on labelling? Is it confusing to you or do you think medical needs, ideologies and lifestyle choices should be kept separate? Do share your thoughts below!

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