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Why coeliac awareness week was so great

I don't often like seeing red on things. It reminds me of getting my work marked at school and having to re-do it.

But last week it was different. Far from red being the warning sign I'm used to, it indicated a price reduction in all the best ways - on gluten-free food.

Kettle chips reduced in price

I don't think it was a coincidence this was coeliac awareness week. Supermarkets plan things a long time in advance. Those little red stickers were there to encourage coeliacs to try new food, buy more gluten-free food and resolve to go back to that supermarket more often.

For my part, coeliac awareness week seemed to be everywhere. Endless tweets, videos and e-mails fired out left, right and centre. People baked, danced and generally worked their backsides off to raise money and awareness.

Price reductions on gluten-free food

I couldn't help but get excited. See those chocolate chip brioche rolls? (In the middle, far right.) They went in my basket. And those Kettle Chips. Yep, I bought two bags.

There was only one slight niggle, and that was when I approached this section:

Gluten-free food mixed with normal food

Not all of this stuff's gluten-free. Now I don't think the gluten's going to leap out of the wrapper and dive inside the others, but it would have been easy to think the whole section was gluten-free and pick up some things that weren't suitable. It would have been pretty simple for the supermarket to have separated the sections.

That aside, I had a great week of shopping. And those brioche rolls? They lasted about two minutes. But don't worry: I popped another bag of them in my trolley this morning.

What were your experiences in coeliac awareness week? Do share them below!

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