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You won't believe what happened to this cake (but yep, you can blame the heat!)

Just 3 weeks ago I warned about the dangers of this crazy weather turning stunning cakes into, well, puddles. I blamed the fact we're never really very well equipped in this country to deal with a heatwave and saluted the USA for its knowledge and understanding in such cake matters.

How wrong I was! A lovely lady in America just sent me this before and after photo of an amazing cake creation (turned puddle) after a customer ignored instructions about leaving it out in the hot weather.

Before & after melted cake

Sure enough, the delicious-looking piece of art has started to slip and slide and hardly resembles its former glory. And was it out for the whole day in the blazing heat? Nope! It took less than an hour for this to happen.

So I've said it before and I'll say it again: in this weather, be very careful with your cake.

Store all buttercream cakes in the fridge until they're needed. Then eat them immediately. If they've been out of the fridge for longer than 90 minutes, bin 'em (thank you ITV's This Morning and Alice Beer for this tip yesterday!). Don't put them back in the fridge for the next day.

Fondant cakes are a different matter (like the cake in the photo). If you put them in the fridge there's a danger they'll sweat and you'll ruin the look of the cake. Therefore, they need to be stored somewhere cool. One of the worst places you can put them is in the car boot so if you absolutely have to transport them somewhere, make sure it's a short journey at night or early in the day.

Do you have any cake weather questions? Ask me below!

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