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5 reasons you should choose a different cake maker

Cake pops just aren't my thing

Did you just re-read that title? Did you think to yourself, does she really mean choose someone else? Or does she mean you should choose a different cake maker with the focus on the word "different" - i.e. that she's different and therefore to choose her?

Actually, it's the former. I mean, there are times when you might want to choose a different cake maker from me.

I'd love to think I could satisfy everyone's cake needs but when you think about it, I couldn't possibly do that, and here's why...

1. You want a cake sculpture

When I went to Cake International last year there was the most amazing depiction of War Horse. Yep, the actual-size horse but entirely made out of cake & icing. It was seriously impressive. (Click here if you want to see it.) But it's not something I'd attempt myself. I wouldn't even do a tiny part of it. It's just not in my skillset. So if you want someone in the Bristol/Bath area to do some sort of animal sculpture, you need to go to The Cake Architect. His name's David, he's in Bradford-on-Avon and he does some wonderful stuff, including a horse's head on his home page.

2. You want tempered chocolate

Tempered chocolate produces a completely different look for a cake from the fondant or buttercream designs at The Bakehouse. Although I do 3 different chocolate cakes, the outside of the cake is different. Multiple chocolate scrolls to surround a cake and large moulded designs are par for the course. If a cake covered in chocolate is important to you, places like Patisserie Valerie are experts in making sure you get what you want.

3. You want cake pops

I've never really understood cake pops. I think I might if I were 8 years old and I wanted to eat one massive bite of pure sugar, but the thought of doing it now isn't so appealing. It's probably why I didn't pursue making them for The Bakehouse. I believe wholeheartedly in each and every one of my products and I wouldn't sell anything I didn't absolutely love. So cake pops just don't make the grade. If you're desperate for them, there's a place you can order nationwide called The Cake Pop Company.

4. You want someone else's design

Unless I get permission from the cake maker whose design you've chosen, I'm not allowed to make their cake. (The same goes for everyone else, by the way - I haven't just been singled out by a mean and scheming cake tyrant.) So if you've seen a design you really love and they're not prepared to waive copyright, you'll need to go to that cake maker for your cake.

5. You want gluten

This one's a no-brainer. If you've got a family recipe you're desperate to have made or you want a cake recovered for a christening, I'm not the person to come to. I specialise in gluten-free cakes because I'm coeliac and have a gluten-free kitchen. This means anyone who comes to me knows I haven't left some gluten-filled cake crumbs around or emptied a bag of flour into a bowl and allowed the gluten dust to settle.

And finally... It's really important the person designing your cake (particularly if it's a wedding cake) understands what you're looking for. There isn't anyone who does everything. There really isn't. So if you get the feeling someone's just nodding along for the sake of it and you're worried you'll end up with something you won't love, then move on. There are lots of brilliant cake bakers out there and therefore there should be someone who can make your dream cake a reality.

Have you ever had an unusual cake request come true? Please share your story (& photo!) below.

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